HR Done™

Our HR consulting team works with you to compile policies, introductions, expectations, onboarding guidance, contact information and more into a go-to guide for your business. We can create an essential online human resources hub for your employees — benefits enrollment, time reporting, career development resources and more — customized to your evolving business needs. Our HR consulting professionals not only help acclimate new employees into their roles and duties, but also facilitate job changes and exits to make sure outgoing employees leave on good terms. Done.

Employee Handbook and HR Policies

Together we create an employee handbook that new and current employees can reference for all things HR. Each company employs different policies and values, so we work closely with you to make sure your employees have a resource for this information.


Onboarding is a crucial aspect for any new hire. It is actually a large factor for whether your new employee will stay on for the long haul. We make sure your first impression is a welcoming one. Our turnkey onboarding system lets you rest easy when it comes to compliance, your onboarding checklist and making sure employees feel welcome.


When you decide to part ways with an employee, the offboarding process can be nearly as important as the onboarding process. We make sure that forms are taken care of, responsibilities are redirected appropriately and exit interviews are conducted when needed.


Once hired, every member of your staff should know and follow all of your company’s policies and procedures. This can often be a grueling task for your HR department. We help set up systems that streamline this entire process so things run smoother.

Background Checks

You can never be too careful when learning about potential or even existing employees. We provide you with the resources to do thorough background checks so you can make sure you’re working with the person they claim to be.

Employee Relations

Our experienced team of human resource professionals work on your behalf to make sure the relationship between your company and your employees is clear, positive and productive.

Compensation Benchmarking & Performance Management

Knowing how much to compensate employees is critical in managing profitability and retaining top, valuable talent. That’s never been more true than in today’s hiring environment. Our in-depth compensation rate research gives you the data needed to make sure you’re paying the right people the right amount. We also help provide ongoing performance management so that your employees are delivering at the top of their game.

Frequently asked questions

HR services refer to the range of activities and support provided by the HR department within a company. These services help manage and enhance the firm’s human capital, ensuring effective workforce management and contributing to the achievement of the business’s goals.

Some of the key functions of the HR department are:

  • Recruitment and onboarding. HR services involve attracting, sourcing and recruiting new workers. This includes developing job descriptions, putting up vacancies, screening resumes, conducting interviews and selecting the most suitable candidates.
    HR services support the integration of new staff members into the company. This includes hosting orientation programs, debriefing company policies and procedures, and assisting with benefits enrollment and other paperwork.
  • Payroll and benefits. HR services involves managing employee compensation, including salary and wages, bonuses, incentives and other benefits such as healthcare plans, leave policies and retirement plans.
  • Training and development. HR services also include planning and holding training sessions to enhance workers’ skills and knowledge. This may involve organizing seminars, workshops, online courses or coordinating with external training partners.
  • Performance management. HR services comprises designing and implementing performance evaluation processes to set goals, evaluate employee performance, provide feedback and identify areas for improvement. These services may also include conducting performance appraisals and implementing performance improvement plans.
  • Employee relations. HR services handle employee relations matters, which includes addressing grievances, resolving conflicts and promoting a positive work environment. They may also develop and enforce company policies and codes of conduct.
  • Compliance. HR services ensure compliance with employment laws, regulations and industry standards. This involves staying abreast on labor laws, managing employee relations in compliance with legal requirements, and handling HR-related audits and reporting.

HR outsourcing services is the practice of hiring a third-party firm to handle various HR functions and tasks, including recruiting, hiring, onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, training, performance management and employee relations. Outsourcing HR functions can help reduce costs, streamline operations and get access to specialized expertise.

Here are some of the most common services HR outsourcing companies provide:

  • Recruiting and hiring. Outsourcing firms can help companies look for potential candidates, screen resumes and conduct interviews.
  • Onboarding. Such firms also help firms onboard new employees by providing them with information about the business, its policies and culture.
  • Payroll and benefits administration. Outsourcing firms are equipped to handle payroll processing, including calculating salaries and wages, calculating taxes and issuing paychecks. They also help organizations offer employee benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans and leave management.
  • HR technology solutions. Several HR outsourcing providers provide software systems or platforms that help streamline HR processes, including employee tracking, self-service portals and data analytics.
  • Compliance and legal support. HR outsourcing partners help ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations, such as equal employment opportunity (EEO) requirements, labor standards and workplace safety guidelines.

A number of HR activities can be outsourced to external service providers. Some common ones are recruitment and staffing; onboarding and orientation; payroll processing; employee benefits administration; employee training and development; performance management; employee relations and engagement; HR policy development; compliance and legal support; and HR analytics and reporting.

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