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Over 150 life science companies depend on our productized services. Escalon, together with acquired company Early Growth, delivers the financial support life science companies need to grow their business.

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We manage all your back-office needs

Talk to us today to determine how we can help you achieve your business goals. Our financial and CFO programs deliver services at a price that works for you – and done.

The Escalon engine

Led by people, controlled by process
and enabled by technology

A productized integration, automation and coordination of your back office that gives you time back in your day to focus on what’s important. Growing your business.

  • Life science CFO
  • Dedicated life science team
  • Degreed accountants with startup experience
  • Designed to scale
  • Intelligent automation
  • Flexible architecture
  • Built for life science
  • Tested life science templates
  • Quality assured
  • Workflows and standard operating procedures

A different kind of solution…

  • Not software…
  • Not service…

Just done!

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Why us?

We’re partners in your growth, invested in your business growth, and there for you when you need us most.

peace of mind
Peace of mind

Escalon, together with Early Growth, provides you with a one-and-done solution composed of specialized services that combine life science accounting, HR, taxes, compliance and risk.

Protecting your cash flow

Escalon provides a tenured Life Science CFO who orchestrates a team of highly qualified professionals, predefined processes and templates, and actionable analytics and insights. Our life science solution has been tested and fine-tuned over the last decade with thousands of clients across hundreds of essential business services use cases.

Partners in your growth

As an extension of your team, our CFOs guide your financial success and our accountants are on hand for all day-to-day tasks, in lockstep with you and your business goals.

Saving you time and money

Our life science solution is well honed and packaged specifically for your business needs, so you only pay for what you need, cutting out all the extras to put time back in your day and money in your account.