Whether your needs are operational or strategic, you can depend on Escalon’s:

  • Process Rigor

    We begin by documenting your company’s current and future processes in a customized process flow diagram. We’ll refresh your detailed Procedure Manual quarterly, so you’ll always have a crystalized view of responsibility, sequence, timing and a calendar of tasks.

  • Transparency

    Know what’s going on at a glance. We provide seamless online delivery of your finance and accounting status as well as insights related to HR, taxes, compliance, payroll and more. Our transparent procedures give you constant access to all source documents, in process work and end-reports. You delegate the time-consuming legwork to us, while maintaining full visibility and control.

  • Proactive Mindset

    We’re dedicated to helping you anticipate upcoming business decisions, from the best timing for raising capital to shifting to flex-time policies. Our experts are steeped in the needs and workflow of startups, giving you an ally with actionable insights into key issues related to financing, taxes, benefits, labor laws, and risk mitigation. We can also suggest successful alternatives from receivables factoring lines, to crowdsourcing and venture debt.

  • Cost-conscious Approach

    A judicious mix of automation and in-person services saves you up to 50% in costs compared to DIY alternatives. By paying a minimum for basic finance and accounting services, you can apply resources to more strategic imperatives such as our CFO or Controller services. By routinely providing unique and insightful reports and giving pay-as–you-go access to seasoned HR Professionals, CFOs and Controllers, we’ve made it easy for small businesses to enjoy the big business advantage of well-run Finance and HR departments.

  • Customized Solutions

    There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you’re just starting to hit growth stage or preparing for an IPO, Escalon’s experts work everywhere─from behind the scenes to inside the board room. As you grow, we’ll deploy technology and services solutions that best fit your company’s growing needs, from manual, but cost effective processes when you are small, to implementing automated and robust enterprise class solutions when you are scaling up.

  • Technology Leverage

    We leverage technology to benefit your business at all stages, from helping you scale seamlessly to keeping you audit and due-diligence ready. Working with secure and proven cloud-based platforms enable us to deliver optimal automation as well as unique insights on your financial and organizational health.

Each year we help hundreds of CEOs manage essential operational and tactical needs.

When you have experts as allies, you accelerate faster. Contact us today for a complimentary 30 minute consultation on the topic of your choice.