What services does a financial services firm like Escalon offer?

We offer a range of monthly and day-to-day financial management including month-end reporting, accounts payable and receivable, monthly financial close, GAAP financial statements and monthly management reports. Our goal is to offer transparent reporting so you can run your business with financial knowledge of cash burn rate. To find out more about our financial services, get in touch with us.

Does Escalon offer outsourced CFO services?

Yes, outsourced CFOs are our specialty. CFO stands for “chief financial officer”, and the CFOs primary function is to track cash flow, perform financial planning, and analyze a company’s strengths or weaknesses to propose corrective actions.

Our CFOs can offer so much more than just “handling the numbers.” Beyond financial forecasts, budgets, business modeling, financial plans, pricing, revenue recognition strategy, cash management, cash-burn analysis, monthly reports, and M&A support, CFOs can help with investor relations, strategic planning, and so much more.

Learn more about our interim CFO services here.

What do outsourced CFO firms do?

These are firms that do CFO outsourcing for companies that do not need to keep a full-time CFO on board. You are a candidate for CFO outsourced services if you are an entrepreneur, a startup, an SME, you are in the process of expansion, your full-time CFO has just departed, or your business is not performing as well as it should.

What makes Escalon different from other Outsourced CFO firms?

Expertise, experience, and quality are what sets us apart. For over 10 years, Escalon has been the number one finance and accounting firm for venture-backed startup companies. Our CFOs have an average of 28 years of financial experience and are the best in the industry.

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What educational resources does Escalon provide?

Escalon provides a rich collection of guides and blog posts designed to help startups and entrepreneurs to learn more about fundraising opportunities, taxes, and venture capital. The Escalon Green Guide offers educational content that is imperative to startups. Topics covered include networking, preparing executive summaries, fundraising, and other vital information to help startups navigate complex business information.

How does Escalon address racial inequality in business?

Escalon has established the Black Founder Mentorship Program, designed to help African American founders by providing free mentoring services from experienced CFOs. Escalon provides African American founders access to CFOs with over 28 years of experience in finance. Our CFOs are ready to help African American founders with complementary guidance on fundraising strategies, financial modeling, taxes, and all other finance-related issues.

We do not stop there. Escalon runs an annual $10,000 Award Program, where two companies participating in our Black Mentorship Program are granted free finance and accounting related service.

To get access to our CFOs, here.

What kind of businesses does Escalon help?

Escalon works with businesses of all sizes, in dozens of industries, across the globe. We specialize in working with Pre-Seed, Seed Stage, Series A and Series B startup companies.

There are many reasons your company might consider hiring an outsourced CFO. To help you decide, here are common scenarios your company might experience:

  • You need interim CFO services or an outsource CFO to help you steer your company in the event of a crisis or a transition. This might include the sale of your company or a gap between the departure of an ex CFO and the new CFO arriving.

  • It would help if you had expert advice but at a fraction of the price of having a full-time CFO on board. Outsourced CFOs can provide your business with professional financial advice without keeping them on board as full-time employees.

  • You are a startup and you have not hired a full-time CFO yet. For more information on how we help startups, click here.

  • You are ready to raise funding, and you need expert assistance in your valuations.

  • Your company is ready for an exit. An outsourced CFO can get your company prepared with all the essential documents.

  • Your company needs an objective evaluation or a fresh perspective to challenge your margins and overall growth potential.

  • You decided to make some changes and upgrade or streamline your accounting systems. CFO outsourcing services can support the transition by saving you both money and time.

  • These services are also beneficial if your company is looking to restructure for growth or redirect the company to a new market. Such cases require highly specialized and temporary attention that your outsourced CFO can provide without the need to keep such a highly specialized employee on board full time, costing the company more money in the long run.