Sure Setup™

Keeping tabs on your company’s advisers and software providers can be onerous. We alleviate this pain before it starts. Our Sure Setup gathers everything into a single place and connects it to our proprietary platform, ensuring your people, our people and all of your systems are in total sync. Everything and everyone are now on the same page, making your job easier. Done.

Process Flows

Escalon is able to save you time and eliminate frustration by identifying and optimizing the flow of information among invoicing, accounts receivable, banks and other information sources. These flows are then connected to our proprietary technology platform that automates everything, increasing accuracy and reducing time that would otherwise be spent on such tasks.

Procedure Manuals

Once your workflows are up and running, we provide you with instructional information on what is being tracked and what needs to be done, and by whom.

Technology Setup

Once we have created an optimized collection of platforms and procedures, we work to make sure everything is working together, seamlessly, so your responsibilities are as minimal as possible.

We provide you with essential business services so you can focus on growth.