Specialized services for private equity firms and their portfolio

Over 1500 private equity and venture capital firms have depended on our specialized services. Escalon delivers the Essential Business Services you need to grow your business.

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We manage all your back-office needs

Talk to us today to determine how we can support your portfolio. Our financial and CFO services are tailored to scale with your company from close to exit.

The Escalon engine

Led by people, controlled by process
and enabled by technology

A productized integration, automation and coordination of your back office that gives you time back in your day to focus on what’s important. Growing your business.

  • Industry-experienced Controllers
  • Dedicated private equity team
  • Specialized accountants with private equity experience
  • Designed to scale
  • Intelligent automation
  • Flexible architecture
  • Built for private equity
  • Tested private equity templates
  • Quality assured
  • Workflows and standard operating procedures

A different kind of solution…

  • Not software…
  • Not service…

Just done!

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Why us?

Escalon’s Essential Business Services makes it easier for fund managers and portfolio company executives to drive growth.

One-and-done shop

Only Escalon offers all Essential Business Services under one roof. We are a single trusted resource for everything from part-time CFO services and HR, to accounting, tax, payroll and insurance.

Process rigor

We leverage audit-enabled technology workflows to collect and act on all necessary data. All you need to do is review and approve.

Standardized reporting

We help you standardize financial reporting across the entire fund, giving you a quicker, clearer perspective and deeper insights into portfolio performance and easier regulatory reporting.

Variable cost structures

Escalon is a scalable outsourcing provider that can reduce costs and leverage a variable cost structure for part or all of the back office. Outsourcing these functions also retains institutional knowledge typically lost through employee turnover.


We work across portfolio company life stages to escort them from acquisition through transformation and then onto a successful exit. We can also eliminate or assist in hiring, so that you can ramp up more quickly in today’s tight labor market.

Increased EBITDA

By allowing Escalon to take over the burden of back-office responsibilities, fund and executive teams are better able to focus on building their businesses and driving returns.