HR Done™

Our HR consulting team works with you to compile policies, introductions, expectations, onboarding guidance, contact information and more into a go-to guide for your business. We can create an essential online human resources hub for your employees — benefits enrollment, time reporting, career development resources and more — customized to your evolving business needs. Our HR consulting professionals not only help acclimate new employees into their roles and duties, but also facilitate job changes and exits to make sure outgoing employees leave on good terms. Done.

Employee Handbook and HR Policies

Together we create an employee handbook that new and current employees can reference for all things HR. Each company employs different policies and values, so we work closely with you to make sure your employees have a resource for this information.


Onboarding is a crucial aspect for any new hire. It is actually a large factor for whether your new employee will stay on for the long haul. We make sure your first impression is a welcoming one. Our turnkey onboarding system lets you rest easy when it comes to compliance, your onboarding checklist and making sure employees feel welcome.


When you decide to part ways with an employee, the offboarding process can be nearly as important as the onboarding process. We make sure that forms are taken care of, responsibilities are redirected appropriately and exit interviews are conducted when needed.


Once hired, every member of your staff should know and follow all of your company’s policies and procedures. This can often be a grueling task for your HR department. We help set up systems that streamline this entire process so things run smoother.

Background Checks

You can never be too careful when learning about potential or even existing employees. We provide you with the resources to do thorough background checks so you can make sure you’re working with the person they claim to be.

Employee Relations

Our experienced team of human resource professionals work on your behalf to make sure the relationship between your company and your employees is clear, positive and productive.

Compensation Benchmarking & Performance Management

Knowing how much to compensate employees is critical in managing profitability and retaining top, valuable talent. That’s never been more true than in today’s hiring environment. Our in-depth compensation rate research gives you the data needed to make sure you’re paying the right people the right amount. We also help provide ongoing performance management so that your employees are delivering at the top of their game.

We provide you with essential business services so you can focus on growth.