With Escalon’s FinOps Done, businesses choose the financial services they need done and our experts handle them.

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Financial services for startups & SMBs

Escalon’s outsourced finance and accounting services can take care of it all, from A/R and A/P to tracking cash flow and runway, plus you’ll get the insights your business needs to grow.


Your CFO™

With our expert CFO services, your business gets high-level financial strategy at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.

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Expenses Done™

We stay on top of all of your business’s expenses, like invoices, rent and credit cards, so you don’t have to.

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Revenue Done™

We optimize the entire accounts receivable entries and invoicing process to speed up your access to revenue.

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Accounting Done™

We handle all business accounting functions, which you can access in real time, ensuring up-to-date balance sheets and clean books while preventing fraud.

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C3-Company Command Center™

We aggregate all of your provider platforms, from finances to benefits, into a single dashboard to make it easier to find the information you need.

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Confident Compliance™

We oversee your business’s compliance with federal regulations and statutory requirements pertaining to accounting and taxes.

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Sure Setup™

We sync your financial services institutions’ software with our technology platform so our team can walk you through a unified view of your business finances, anytime.

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Talk to us today to determine how we can help you achieve your business goals. Our financial and CFO programs deliver services at a price that works for you – and done.

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Frequently asked questions

FinOps is Escalon’s finance and accounting system for businesses, managed by trained professionals without the cost of a comparable in-house team. FinOps comprises bookkeeping services, accounting services, financial planning and CFO services.

Outsourced financial services refers to hiring an external expert like Escalon to manage your business’s internal finance functions. These could range from basic bookkeeping services to accounting outsourcing services all the way to CFO services.

With outsourced CFO services, also called fractional CFO services, companies hire a strategic financial services expert on a part-time or project basis. Their key skills include financial planning & analysis, and setting & executing strategic vision.

The No. 1 benefit of accounting outsourcing is that business owners get the peace of mind to focus on tasks that grow revenue. It also provides budget-friendly access to skilled experts and the latest accounting software, plus enhanced security.

We provide you with essential business services so you can focus on growth.