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Top podcasts that share advice for startups

Posted by Celene Robert

March 22, 2021

Podcasts are an ideal medium for busy startup founders and entrepreneurs to keep up with new developments and stay ahead of the competition. Here we’ve listed 10 of the most useful startup-oriented podcasts that offer advice from seasoned business pros who have been there and succeeded.


Most startups are driven by purpose, mission or impact, and “Evolve” focuses on the stories of social impact startup founders and visionary leaders, sharing how they built their startups and resolved customers’ problems successfully. Innovators and experts from an array of industries come on the podcast to share the tools and tactics to inspire and empower other startup founders. Listeners learn from real-life challenges, inspiring missions and decisions by successful startup CEOs and founders.

The Pitch Deck

The “Pitch Deck” podcast helps business founders understand how to find the right investor and how to raise the capital they need. Here, you’ll get insights into how to plan, prepare and deliver your pitch from experienced investors and successful founders. The conversations on this podcast are meant to help startup founders increase the chances of getting investor funding.

My Daily Business Coach

On the “My Daily Business Coach” podcast, startup owners can find inspiration, education, productivity hacks and motivation required to build a business from scratch. This show includes business coaching, interviews with successful business owners and actionable tips and tricks that you can put in place to scale your business without scaling the stress.

Limitless: A Sales and Marketing Podcast

The underlying theme of this podcast is that with the right sales and marketing strategy, founders can leverage limitless opportunities to grow their business. “Limitless” aims to help listeners learn from sales and marketing professionals and influencers with diverse backgrounds. Listen in for valuable information on how to negotiate, close enterprise deals and how to generate maximum leads. Find answers to your queries related to sales and marketing and improve your strategies accordingly.

Entrepreneurs Talks with Founders Sharing Their Real Startup Stories

This unique podcast captures insights from leaders from many industries, such as athletes, influencers and visionaries. The show’s aim is to inspire entrepreneurs through individual startup stories and to guide them in choosing a good business idea, as well as planning and starting a business, marketing and product validation, getting financed and growing the business. Listeners of Entrepreneurs Talks with Founders Sharing Their Real Startup Stories” can also learn meaningful ways to connect to other business owners and community leaders.

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Inside Intercom

If you’re looking for strategies to improve your overall business and increase your team’s productivity, then try the “Inside Intercom” podcast. The show centers around sharing the ideas and techniques required at each startup’s stage to build a brand and keep it running smoothly. Experts in product management, design, startups and marketing discuss challenges faced they faced as young entrepreneurs and how they beat them, offering tactics and tools you can borrow on your own path to success.

Spend Culture

Listening to interactions with experienced CFOs on “Spend Culture” provides valuable lessons that can help finance leaders learn more about the best tactics and processes for the profession. The show offers advice on topics such as selecting the right software or team while managing finances efficiently.

Built to Sell Radio

The “Built to Sell Radio” podcast comprises interviews of business owners and entrepreneurs who have decided to sell their startups. Listeners will hear about what they did right as well as the mistakes they made. The show also provides advice on the processes and strategies of exiting a business so that you can make well-informed financial decisions.

The Full Ratchet

“The Full Ratchet” is a podcast where the host interacts with venture capitalists, angel investors and other potential investors. The interviews aim to illuminate how different investors find, evaluate and select the next-generation startups to fund. Business founders will hear valuable insights into what investors are looking for in a startup and what inspires them to invest.

Forward Thinking Founders

Founders of early-stage companies are interviewed in the “Forward Thinking Founders” podcast to discuss their startup and entrepreneurial journey experiences. Topics include their successes and struggles in product development and the strategies that support their company’s viability. Innovators, authors, artists and thought leaders from different fields frequently appear on the podcast.

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Celene Robert

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