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How Surveying Your Employees Can Improve Your Startup

Posted by Neha De

September 17, 2019

As a standard business practice, most companies survey their customers. You may have even sent surveys of your own. 

Businesses survey their customers to gauge customer loyalty, see how likely customers are to refer a business to family and friends, and to measure their overall satisfaction with the products and services they are using.

Customer surveys provide powerful data that can help your startup improve. So, it stands to reason that asking your employees for their opinions can even further your success.

If you’re looking to improve employee morale, measure employees’ satisfaction, and retain your top staff, a survey is the way to go. 

Let’s look at how surveying your employees can improve your startup.

Surveys Help You See Longevity

Wondering how long your employees will stay at your startup? Ask them.

If you want to know how loyal your team is to your new business, you can ask them this in a survey. It’s a great predictor at future employee turnover.

What’s more, if a team member doesn’t bother to fill out your survey, you can bet they aren’t around for the long-term.

Surveys Give Employees a Forum

Oftentimes staff members don’t feel safe enough in their jobs to give open feedback.

Enter the anonymous survey. This allows your team members a place to voice their opinion openly without fear of reprisal.

Moreover, sending quarterly or bi-annual surveys shows your team you really care what they think. It tells them that their happiness at your startup is important to you.

When crafting your survey, be sure to also leave room for comments. This increases the power of your survey for both you and your team members.

You Gain Data on Employee Satisfaction

Your startup needs a powerful team as well as a satisfied team to move towards success.

One of the best ways to tell if your employees are satisfied in the job is with a survey.

This helps you recognize where you might be faltering and can improve.

Because happy employees are more productive employees, a survey can show you what you need to do to increase satisfaction and ultimately improve your startup.

You’ll find a direct link between overall employee engagement and customer satisfaction as well. So, a happy team means happy customers.

If your team is engaged, not only are they more productive, but they provide better care to your customers.

Surveys Help You Understand the Exit

You can survey current employees, but you can also survey employees who resign.

The exit survey is a powerful tool that helps you learn why your team member is leaving.

You can then use this information to reduce future turnover.

For example, if an employee tells you the reasons why he is leaving, you can consider fixing the problem for your employees who stay.

To Conclude

The days of the 30-year employee pin are over. Today’s younger team members don’t usually stay at one business for very long.

But you can increase the likelihood that you’ll retain your employees longer if you’re willing to meet their needs both personally and professionally.

If you’re willing to ask the important questions in your survey, and then act on them, you’re well on your way to a better team and a better business model.

It is always easier and cheaper to take the time to survey and understand the needs of your current team than go out and hire new ones.

As a new startup, you can make a promise to your team as well as your customers. Because overall satisfaction of both is vital to the success of your startup.

Use the survey questions to find out how engaged your employees are and what you can do to improve their work environment and your process for maximum satisfaction. 

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Image: Arlington Research on Unsplash


Neha De
Neha De

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