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How to Help Your Employees Feel More Engaged at Work

Posted by Neha De

August 19, 2019

Going through the hiring process for a new startup is not only time consuming but costly. You’ve put forth a lot of effort to create a top notch team, and you’d like to retain them into the future.

To create employee loyalty, you want to help them feel engaged with your company. In this article, we look at how to help your employees feel more engaged at work.

When they’re more engaged, they’re more productive and more committed to your startup.

Model Communication

One way to create an engaged workforce is through communication, and it’s up to your managers to model it and lead the way.

Engaged employees are those who are encouraged to speak up. Create a company culture where no idea is a bad idea. Ensure that the only criticism is constructive. Teach your team how to banter ideas around without fear of reprisals.

You’ll find you have more engaged employees who share ideas and suggestions when the way to communication is open.

Explain Goals and Responsibilities

Engaged employees know exactly what they’re responsible for. They also know what others are responsible for.

It’s hard for your team to be engaged when their roles are confusing or filled with gray areas.

Always layout the goals, tasks, and responsibilities clearly and on paper.

Empower Your Team

Leaders who micromanage their staff find they have less engaged employees.

The only way to let your employees soar and be at their productive best is to give them a job and let them do it.

Help your team strengthen their own self-confidence by trusting them to do the job right. Loosen the reigns and let them work their magic.

Your job is to assign the task and then let go, observe, and let your employees work. To do this, you might have an employee fail, but take that as a learning lesson. Help them rebound from the mistake by mentoring them.

Allow Flexibility

You may find you have some employees who work better in the morning and some who work better late afternoon. Likewise, you have some who work better from home than they do in an office.

Allow your team some flexibility in their work schedules. For example, let some employees work 9-5, while others may do better with 10-6 or 11-7.

You can also let your team spend a day or two working remotely.

By giving your staff some flexibility and freedom, you’ll also find you have more engaged, productive team members.

Worried about the work getting done? Studies show that flexible schedules and work environments can be positives in the workplace. In fact, many times remote workers are more productive than staff that work in house.

Recognize Your Team

Finally, engaged employees are those who feel appreciated and recognized.

Your managers should practice recognition daily. This doesn’t have to be a big announcement congratulating someone on a job well done.

It might just be a short email telling a team member about the great job on the last project. Or, it could be a coffee left on an employee’s desk with a “thank you” for getting that task done two days early.

A simple “thank you” or “good job” can go a long way in helping your team members stay engaged.

To Conclude

For your startup to be successful, you have to first hire the right team, and then you have to retain that team.

To do that, the key is employee engagement. In order to survive and thrive, your employees must have a certain level of passion for your startup.

You want your team to feel pride in their work. You want them to be loyal to your company.

Engaged team members give your startup their all. They are more productive, and they are happier.

Get to know your team. Practice some of the tips here. Ask your employees what they’d like in the way of your company culture, and then do your best to give it to them.

To conclude, it’s also a good idea to check in and assess your team’s engagement on a regular basis so you can make adjustments as necessary.

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Image: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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