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How HR outsourcing can help you boost efficiency

Posted by Tasnim Ahmed

September 2, 2020

Most businesses understand the unique value that their human resources departments provide to them, but not everyone realizes how HR ties into a firm’s efficiency level. However, many businesses find that they are much more efficient as a company after outsourcing their HR services to another firm.

To get a deeper understanding of how this is possible, check out the following considerations.

Better productivity

Outsourcing HR helps you optimize human capital, increase productivity, streamline business processes and improve organizational cohesion. This happens for a few reasons. First, when your employees know that they have access to a strong HR team, they get a clearer picture of company policies, a central point of communication for questions and typically an HR portal where they can find answers. Knowing where to find this information gives staff members peace of mind about their working situations, allowing them to access pay, benefits, vacation and other information without having to stop by the HR manager’s office.

The second way it boosts productivity is that your managers can spend time doing what they do best, which often involves sales, marketing, product development or other revenue-generating responsibilities. Instead of having to manage their team members’ days off, pay stub questions or other queries, they can focus on their core job responsibilities, while the outsourced team takes care of the HR function.

Reduced costs

Cost savings come from several areas, including lower expenses on salaries, reduced costs for hiring and training, avoiding financial penalties related to noncompliance with employment regulations, and eliminating the need for more office space and equipment.

You’ll also save because you will only pay for the services you use, so you don’t need to pay for a team of HR professionals if all you require is an hour of help per week in this department.

Higher employee retention rates

Using an HR outsourcing service helps you reply to employee requests more quickly with faster service delivery. The outsourced team can help you create an employee handbook and a self-serve online portal where staff members can have central locations for the information they need. Happy employees can lead to better retention rates, which improves productivity at your company because you won’t be recruiting, hiring and onboarding new staff members all the time. Instead, you’ll be cultivating your relationships with your existing team, who can then increase sales and innovate more quickly.

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Scaled infrastructure

As your company grows, you’ll encounter more employees and tasks to manage. This will require scaling your HR services and tools to accommodate employees’ needs as you hire. Outsourcing your HR gives you access to the best in IT to grow right along with you. Instead of bringing on new HR team members every time you grow bigger, the outsourced firm will simply add services as you need them so you can optimize your operations.

Efficient training programs

Your outsourced HR company can provide you with access to its training programs, which allows you to work on cost-generating opportunities while the HR team handles the training. They can ensure that your staff is trained on things like labor laws, compliance, IT use and other onboarding tasks that would take time away from your responsibilities.

Stronger leaders

You will also benefit from outsourcing HR by growing your leadership team more quickly. Outsourced HR companies have had experience with a wide variety of teams, and will know the right development techniques to deploy to ensure that your staff is at peak performance. This ultimately creates a more cohesive, well-trained team, thus strengthening your operations.

Central location to remote staff

In today’s environment, it’s somewhat rare for every employee to work in the office. This means that employees are working across a variety of time zones and may be unsure of who (or which office) to consult when they have questions. Outsourcing HR gives team members a central location where they can get all of their answers, no matter where they are.

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Tasnim Ahmed
Tasnim Ahmed

Tasnim Ahmed is a content writer at Escalon Business Services who enjoys writing on a multitude of subjects that include finops, peopleops, risk management, entrepreneurship, VC and startup culture. Based in Delhi NCR, she previously contributed to ANI, Qatar Tribune, Marhaba, Havas Worldwide, and curated content for top-notch brands in the PR sphere. On weekends, she loves to explore the city on a motorcycle and binge watch new OTT releases with a plateful of piping hot dumplings!

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