Peter Stevenson

Peter is a highly accomplished operations and technology executive.   For nearly 15 years, he was an executive with Booz-Allen and Capgemini and worked with some of the leading companies in the world in the design, development and execution of mission-critical programs.

It was this passion around innovation and driving measurable results that prompted Peter to dive into the start-up world in 2008, where he co-founded a successful venture-backed SaaS company that provides education and AI-driven decision-support for healthcare and insurance benefits for employer groups.   During this time, Peter and his company leveraged Escalon services for their essential business services, seeing first-hand the power of their one-stop shop value proposition.  Through this experience, his desire to help fellow entrepreneurs was born and he’s been working with and advising start-up ventures ever since.

Peter started his career in the high-tech space, holding various sales and systems engineering management roles with eLoyalty, Echelon, ROLM and IBM.  He regularly speaks on the topics of CRM, customer loyalty and technology strategy.  Peter earned his MBA and MA from Stanford University and a Bachelors in Ecosystem Analysis from UCLA.   Of Peter’s many interests are education, community volunteer work, youth sports development, music, tennis and travel.

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