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Why the increase in AI-related job listings is an indicator small businesses shouldn’t ignore

Posted by Grace Townsley

August 7, 2023

AI may be rendering some tedious and repetitive computer-based jobs unnecessary. But it’s also creating a whole new field of job opportunities for professionals willing to learn quickly and apply this fast-evolving technology. 

According to data from Indeed, generative AI-related job postings spiked 20% in May 2023, to 204 million postings. That’s over double the number of AI-related jobs available in 2021. Much of this upswing in positions and AI popularity could be attributed to the growing user base of ChatGPT and technologies like it. Plus, as AI is becoming mainstream, more individuals are using these tools in daily life — and discovering new ways to simplify, streamline and optimize their jobs.

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What generative AI-based roles are companies looking to fill?

A full 5% of the 204 million open AI-based roles are Data Scientist positions. Other common roles that require a knowledge of AI programming include software engineer, machine learning engineer and data engineer. These jobs are often focused on creating in-house tools and processes, backed by AI, for the purpose of driving efficiency or security improvements at the company.

Another new position that’s emerging with the growth of AI is prompt engineers. Prompt engineers are professionals that use natural language queries to train AI tools to respond more accurately to users. They don’t need a specific background, coding knowledge or advanced expertise, just a strong command of language and a knack for creative thinking. 

While only about 5% of open positions on Indeed require advanced experience with AI, according to the job site ResumeBuilder, 91% of companies currently posting jobs on the platform expect applicants to know how to use ChatGPT. That marks a significant shift from just one year ago, when natural language AI tools were less available to the general public and knowledge of AI was an uncommon request. 

Business Insider suggests these specific job types already, or soon will, require experience with AI tools: 

Software developers.

At many companies, even software developers that aren’t developing AI-based tools are expected to have a basic understanding of AI. Companies want developers with the versatility to integrate AI when needed, use AI to test software and protect software from vulnerabilities with AI-based cybersecurity tools. 


AI has the potential to make copywriting faster and more easily scalable. As a result, companies are prioritizing copywriters with a deep understanding of how AI-based tools can streamline the writing and content distribution process. 

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Students now have nearly unlimited access to the free AI-based writing tools that are already revolutionizing the marketing and copywriting space. As these tools advance, it becomes harder for educators to distinguish between student-created work and content written by AI. That means teachers must be increasingly aware of the tools students are using — and able to spot AI abuse in homework and assignments. 

Product managers.

Many new project management tools now use AI to manage timelines, communications, and deliverables. The product manager role will also evolve with these tools, requiring product managers to have a strong understanding of how to leverage these popular tools.


One of the first scalable uses for AI technology was in developing a streamlined and efficient hiring and onboarding process, from creating the job description to screening candidates. In the future, recruiting is likely to become even more AI-based — increasing the need for AI-aware recruiters.

These are just a few of the job types being reshaped by generative AI. As this technology continues to expand, expect more jobs to be influenced — or changed altogether — by the growing impact of AI.

What does this trend mean for small businesses?

As of mid-year 2023, over 200,000 tech workers have been laid off this year. Not surprisingly, tech-field job postings are also down 43.6% since last year. But AI-based tech jobs are bucking this trend. Instead of contracting like much of the tech field, generative AI is expanding rapidly across every industry. 

This unusual emerging trend is an indicator small businesses shouldn’t ignore. Thousands of companies are bringing in fresh talent with a strong awareness of AI and a growing set of skills that leverage it. The longer your company waits to hire AI-aware talent, the more expensive that small pool of skilled workers will become. Because when it comes to well-rounded talent, companies are willing to pay a premium price. 

As the focus on generative AI technologies increases, so will the competitive advantages afforded to the companies that harness the technology best — while slow adopters risk watching from the sidelines. That’s why, even if your company doesn’t yet have plans to leverage AI in your day-to-day operations, it’s important to monitor the growth of this technology. 

Take a look at the AI-based solutions your competitors are leveraging. Review the current AI-driven back office operations tools available today. And ask your employees for insights into ways your small business could integrate AI in the future. AI offers a significant first-mover advantage to companies that learn how to fit it to their needs, and you never know what the right tool can unlock for your business. 

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