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Why outsourcing bookkeeping can be the best option for your business

Posted by sayam

January 25, 2022

Up-to-date financial records are critical to the success of any business. But as a business owner, your time is valuable and could be better spent developing strategies to increase revenue rather than entering numbers into a spreadsheet.

While some small business owners manage their own bookkeeping in-house, this time-consuming responsibility can also be outsourced to a reputable bookkeeping firm. These businesses not only record and organize your financial data, but they also keep it secure by employing cutting-edge technology.

What does an outsourced bookkeeper do?

An outsourced bookkeeper can prepare your accounts and track your daily financial transactions. Essentially, the bookkeeper is responsible for providing accurate, up-to-date financial information about your business. Here are five day-to-day tasks that an outsourced bookkeeper performs:

• Recording daily transactions

– culling from source documents and posting journal entries into accounting software.

• Reconciliations

– reconciling bank accounts and reviewing the general ledger to ensure financial information is posted correctly.

• Data entry

– recording the financial data required to process payroll and to track debits and credits. Incorporating changes to employee tax withholdings and wage rates so net pay is calculated correctly.

• Money monitoring

– tracking accounts payable and receivable to ensure vendors are paid on time and that collections are received on time.

• Report generation

– producing accurate financial statements and other reports for company executives.

Why do you need to outsource bookkeeping?

As your company grows, it will have a higher volume of financial transactions. So, it will require more time and expertise for financial recording, analysis, compliance, reporting and cash flow management. One approach to crossing such tasks off your list is outsourcing to a bookkeeping service.

The top 9 reasons why outsourced bookkeeping can be the best option for businesses:

1. Preparation of accurate financial statements and reports

. An outsourced bookkeeper can generate comprehensive monthly or quarterly financial statements and reports for investors, tax preparers, banks and those seeking to analyze your firm’s data. These accurate financial reports will assist you in making informed decisions.

2. Supports business growth and expansion

. By outsourcing bookkeeping services, you can scale resources up or down based on your business’ needs. You will be charged only for the work performed. The outsourcing firm can also provide additional hours or even more people to meet your demands, with no lag time. 

3. Provides better data security.

Your outsourced team will keep your financial information secure and confidential by implementing the latest technologies, minimizing the risk of your books being manipulated.

4. Makes it easier to access and review your data

. Your bookkeeping expert will maintain financial records in a single location, such as bank statements, credit card statements, payroll records, profit and loss reports, balance sheets and invoices. This makes it easier for you to review your financial data.

5. Ensures you pay and collect on time

. The bookkeeper will track your daily transactions and keep records accurate and up to date by performing reconciliations. This ensures you pay suppliers and receive collections on time.

6. Saves money on overhead

. By outsourcing bookkeeping services, you don't have to pay wages when you don't need them. You can also save the money you'd otherwise have to invest in new bookkeeping equipment and software. This keeps you from needing to hire someone in-house to fill the role.

7. Keeps your books up to date and compliant

. An outsourced bookkeeper stays up to date with state and federal regulatory measures that may affect your business now or in the future. In other words, they help keep your records compliant. 

8. Gives you access to expertise and the latest technologies

. Outsourcing bookkeeping services give you access to a team of trained and experienced professionals who use the latest technology and processes to ensure that your data is accurate and secure.

9. Increases efficiency

. Outsourcing bookkeeping tasks can relieve your staff of monotonous and time-consuming back-office work. You can then devote more resources to activities that generate revenue, like marketing, reaching out to new clients and so on, resulting in a higher return on investment. 



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