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Why Hiring Veterans is a Great Idea for Startups

Posted by Neha De

May 20, 2019


To defend our country, military service members have some unique qualities that translate well into the general job market when their service is complete.

Active duty military are most often the hardest workers in the room. They are also usually motivated and exceptionally ethical. As a startup, these are just the kind of employees you want to recruit.

Let’s dive into this and look at why hiring veterans is a great idea for startups.

They are Natural Leaders

The military trains their people well. Service members learn to lead by example, and they are taught all the ins and outs of good leadership. You’ll find this invaluable to your startup as not all of your job candidates who’ve had leadership roles are as well-equipped as past service members are.

Veterans are taught how to direct their people, delegate to them, motivate them, and inspire them. This is invaluable for your startup. Because the military trains their members how to manage behavior for the best results, you’ll find this an integral tool for your new business.

Veterans are not only natural leaders, but they are highly trained and well qualified executives as well.

They are Excellent Team Players

Whether you’re looking for a leader or a team member, you can bet each veteran you hire is an excellent team player.

Veterans know that honest teamwork is vital to the success of any endeavor. It’s similar to their “leave no man/woman behind” mantra. Military team members know the value in the team over individual wants. They are also trained in group dynamics and how to work through and get over obstacles while solving problems.

They are Goal Oriented

Active duty service members have goals that they must meet each day, month, and year. They’re accustomed to quickly assessing situations, making plans, and putting them into action.

They are great strategists with exceptional follow through. You’ll find this quality a benefit for your startup where you’re constantly setting goals, taking action, readjusting, and refining your goals.

They Have Great Intuition

Service men and women are used to making life and death decisions, and often they’re making them quickly and on the fly.

They’ve been trained to do this by taking in as much information as possible in an efficient manner. They then have learned how to take that information and make the best choice that’s available.

You’ll find that along with their effectual intuition, they have much grace under pressure. Dealing with serious situations has trained them to operate well under intense pressure and scrutiny.

In addition, they are creative problem solvers which is only enhanced by their intuition which is yet another valuable asset for your startup.

Final Thoughts

With more than 200,000 active duty military members leaving for civilian life each year, your startup has an opportunity to recruit some top notch talent.

Get out there and advertise your job openings in the military arena – check the website Hiring Our Heroes. Look beyond the title the person had in the military and don’t get bogged down wondering how that translates to your position.

If you’re looking for a team member that is trainable, ethical, responsible, coach-able, and able to adapt, a military veteran is a good bet.

You know that building a startup takes a leap of faith. You took it, and so did your investors. You’re a mover and a shaker, and you’ve convinced a lot of people you have what it takes to succeed.

This is just what the military veteran has to offer. Show a solider you value their experience and work ethic by hiring them for your startup.

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Image:  Benjamin Faust on Unsplash


Neha De
Neha De

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