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These Companies Ace Customer Service

Posted by Amod Dandge

January 3, 2020

You’ve certainly heard that companies like Chick-Fil-A, Publix and Nordstrom are renowned for the stellar levels of customer service they offer. Although these firms do have a strong customer-facing focus, they aren’t the only businesses that have figured out how to keep customers happy. We went through the most recent J.D. Power results to find out which companies in each category ranked at the top of their verticals in terms of their customer service ratings. Read on to get the scoop on the 2019 findings.

Automotive: Porsche, Buick

When it comes to satisfaction in the automotive industry, it looks like car companies could do a better job keeping in touch with consumers. Although 34 percent of customers say they want to communicate with car brands over text, for example, only nine percent of brands are actually doing so. Two firms that are keeping customers happy are Porsche, which ranked number one for dealer service among luxury brands, and Buick, which was the top-ranked mass market automotive firm based on consumer satisfaction.

Television Provider: DISH Network

Customers in this category are particularly sensitive to high bill issues or disruptions in service, and the companies that were able to offer a seamless television experience did the best in this vertical. Ranking highest in the category was DISH Network, which narrowly beat out Verizon in the listings. Coming in third was AT&T/DirecTV.

Online Flower Retailer:

Consumers buying flowers online want to find an integrated web-based experience, in addition to being able to call on the phone without having to make multiple steps in the process. J.D. Power found that ranked atop this category, thanks to its online services, delivery, pricing and variety of merchandise.

Home Appliance Retailer: Best Buy

Home appliances can be a major investment, and customers want sales staff members to interact with them and follow them on their entire journey, from purchase through home delivery and installation, J.D. Power found. The company that ranks at the top of this category was Best Buy, followed by Lowe’s, then The Home Depot and Sears.

Banking Financial Advice: Bank of America

Banks are no longer the spots where customers line up to deposit their paychecks, thanks to the technological tools that apps and online banking offer. Instead, banks are increasingly maximizing their guidance and financial advice, and some 78 percent of US retail bank customers want that feature. Ranking first in the category is Bank of America, followed by PNC and Wells Fargo.

Car Insurance: Erie Insurance

Not surprisingly, J.D. Power found that price is the number one reason that customers leave their car insurance carriers, and competitive pricing is the top feature car insurance brands can offer if they want to retain customers. Ranking highest in this category was Erie Insurance, followed by Amica and Auto-Owners Insurance.

Airline Carrier: Alaska Airlines, Southwest and JetBlue

Customer satisfaction is rising in the airline category, thanks in part to new technological innovations that make the reservation and check-in processes much easier. Ranking highest among traditional airlines was Alaska Airlines, followed by Delta. Atop the low-cost airline category were JetBlue and Southwest, which faced a tie for first place.


Amod Dandge
Amod Dandge

Amod Dange was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Escalon Business Services. He leads operations, people and client services across geographies, industry verticals and service lines, and is focused on driving profitable revenue growth. Prior to joining Escalon, he was the Strategic Engagements and Digital First Lead of Cognizant. He was also at AIG serving as the Vice President, Shared Services, Operations & Transformation. In addition, he was appointed in various senior leadership positions in multinational firms. He is a CA from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

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