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Keeping Up with AI: A Playbook for Businesses

Posted by Kanika Sinha

October 16, 2023

Big-picture focus and future-proofing are vital in keeping pace with the AI hype.

AI has hit the ground running — so fast that it can feel hard to keep up. The rapid proliferation of AI-powered tools like ChatGPT, Lumen5, and Midjourney is reshaping how we live, work, and learn. 

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Besides, new AI applications and improved algorithms keep developing. It has been a part of what drives your TikTok feed. It optimizes the delivery of that Amazon delivery for a considerable time. But now, it’s available for individual users and businesses to improve efficiency and drive profitability.

Feeling overwhelmed already?

Let’s take a pause and rewind. 

Remember when we finally figured out the power of the internet and its truly global reach? Smartphones swooped in like the cool new kid on the block, bringing the world to the palm of our hands. And just as we were getting cozy in the metaverse, in struts AI, stealing the show. While we’re still grappling with AI-powered tools’ ethics and safety concerns, it’s time to use its abilities to benefit your goals.

The key is understanding that the current AI tools will improve. So, embrace the continuous cycle of innovative breakthroughs.

Here are four action points for businesses to navigate the ongoing AI hype and beyond.

1. Learn to zoom out

Approaching a new trend or innovation with a narrow, short-term focus can leave businesses over-committed and under-prepared. AI will be a part of our lives, and it’s best to consider how to integrate it over the long term. 

Organizations must look beyond the immediate challenges and opportunities of the current innovation and consider the more significant implications and possibilities. 

A broader, long-term view will help businesses get much-needed perspective at a time when many are getting caught up in the AI hype.

2. Embrace the adaptability-resilience connection

Resilience helps organizations respond well to disruption, while adaptability allows them to move from enduring a challenge to thriving beyond it. Connecting adaptability to resiliency can help businesses future-proof themselves for the next significant disruption and bounce forward into new realms.

Embracing the adaptability-resilience connection will position organizations to transform and pivot to keep up with the accelerating pace of AI. 

3. Join the lifelong learning revolution

Keeping up with the AI revolution requires a fundamental shift in work culture to one that encourages lifelong learning, fosters curiosity and critical thinking, and rewards agility. This requires organizations to get on board with the lifelong learning evolution.

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Businesses should consider investing in upskilling and reskilling opportunities to close skill gaps and prepare their employees for the jobs of tomorrow. In addition, they should put their efforts into personalizing learning for each employee using AI innovations.

4. Remember, there will be another innovation

As revolutionary as AI may seem today, more innovations will follow. The critical question is not how to modify your business for the current technology but how to build a foundation that facilitates quick adjustment for future innovations. 

Organizations should develop an understanding of the continuous cycle of innovative breakthroughs. This will help them anticipate and prepare for the next big thing. Additionally, it will help bring business leaders a sense of calm and clarity amidst the AI chaos.

The final word

Remember that innovation is not a destination but a never-ending expedition. Adopting a big-picture focus and future-proofing strategies can help organizations tackle and triumph over whatever challenges come their way — ultimately positioning them to adapt effectively to rapidly changing technologies.

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Kanika Sinha
Kanika Sinha

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