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How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business

Posted by sayam

March 31, 2021

LinkedIn is commonly thought of as a platform for individual networking, but did you know that it also has several features that can boost your company’s visibility? Business owners can capitalize on LinkedIn tools to enhance their reputation and improve their users’ experience.

For example, LinkedIn has added several tabs for company pages, such as content recommendation and lead gathering options, which make it easier to foster connections with employees, customers, partners and brand advocates.

Our guide to the most beneficial LinkedIn tools for businesses includes:

LinkedIn Learning

The LinkedIn Learning home page is a hub for industry experts who offer education on trending topics and teach classes on skills, such as software needed for various industries. This feature is also a handy way to keep track of what your competitors are doing. While LinkedIn Learning is considered a premium service and requires a monthly subscription, seven-day free trials are available.

LinkedIn Events

Attending relevant events in your industry is essential for networking with other business owners and experts in your field. The events tab at LinkedIn lets you to find virtual meetups, webinars and events in your industry, all over the world. The feature is also useful for staying informed about events your competitors are hosting for their customers.

Active Status

Green dots on your connections’ profile images represent their active status, indicating whether they are online. Knowing someone is online and available makes it easy for users to chat with one another.

Advanced Search


By applying the appropriate filters, you can sort through and narrow down your LinkedIn search results. LinkedIn introduced this feature to make it simpler to find anyone or anything using multiple filters. If your account information is up-to-date and accurate, these filters can also make it easier for people to find your LinkedIn profile.

Content Publishing

Users can now publish content and adjust their settings to “Public” to share it with others, regardless as to whether they sign in to LinkedIn. Sharing your expertise and experience can help you build new connections and opportunities, enhancing your business’s credibility.

My Company Tab

LinkedIn’s My Company tab makes it easy for employees to share and engage with content from their employer. Businesses can publish content through a new “Recommend” tool and share relevant posts or trending articles through the “Content Suggestions” tool.

Lead Generation Forms

When a member clicks one of your products, their LinkedIn profile data automatically populates an app form that they can submit to learn more about it. These pre-filled forms gather high-quality leads from your product page, providing a new approach for ad targeting, research and audience segmentation.

LinkedIn Stories

Using LinkedIn stories, professionals can share everyday achievements with their community. Organizations can also leverage Stories to share timely information, thought leadership and behind-the-scenes content to build connections with their audience. In effect, LinkedIn becomes a digital marketing channel to maximize customer engagement and conversion. You can also add links to your stories to direct the audience to a dedicated landing page. To find out how many people viewed and swiped through to your URLs or story, tap the eye icon at the bottom left.

Sales Navigator's improved functionality

When you send a connection request from LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, you can save that potential connection as a lead, as well as sort lead lists by account name or demographics at the same time. LinkedIn has also increased its search limit to expanding the total available results, giving users a larger pool of potential leads.

With this feature, companies can utilize the reach of their employees to increase their brand awareness. The use of hashtags and topic categorization will also help you find the most engaging and relevant content for your potential customers.

Product Tab for Company Pages

Business owners can create listings of their products and services to display on their company LinkedIn page. All product names and categories are displayed based on the information gathered from your company website and LinkedIn page.

The product tab offers an opportunity to promote new products and connect with your target audience. It is a dedicated space where customers, users and experts can share experiences or ask questions about your product. Use the product tab to generate leads with a custom call-to-action or CTA button, such as download now, get started, request a demo, try now, contact us and learn more.

To create a trusted overview of your products/services offerings, link all customers' reviews, testimonials and endorsements to their actual LinkedIn pages. You can also add a target audience for your product, but make sure it is comprehensive as this may affect how your product shows up in LinkedIn search results.



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