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Here’s how to attract more customers to your business with free Facebook Wi-Fi

Posted by Kanika Sinha

September 2, 2021

Facebook Wi-Fi offers an excellent marketing opportunity for local businesses where customers visit, such as restaurants and stores. Here’s how it works: Businesses set up free Facebook Wi-Fi and allow customers and nearby prospects to connect through their guest Wi-Fi network after they’ve checked in. 

From promoting your brand to increasing engagement and building relationships, this method furthers all your marketing goals. To get started, the only things you’ll need are a router and smartphone.

The basics

With Facebook Wi-Fi, customers connect to free internet after checking in to your business on the social media platform. Your router essentially turns into a hot spot. 

Check-ins appear on your customers’ Facebook newsfeeds, which can be viewed by their friends and on your business’ Facebook page. Your business can further increase customer engagement by sharing offers and announcements on its Facebook page. 

The benefits of Facebook Wi-Fi for businesses:

Seamless Wi-Fi for customers: No password necessary. To get online, customers simply log into the Facebook app and check in at your business. 

Widens your footprint: Customers’ check-ins can be seen by their friends and family, broadening your network.

Generates page activity: Customers are directed to your Facebook business page when logging in, where they can like your page and learn more about your business. 

Brings followers: Customers can connect to your Wi-Fi with their Instagram log-in, where they can opt to follow your business profile and sign up for updates.

Provides customer data: Gain insights such as how many customers checked into your business by connecting to your Wi-Fi, how many monthly unique visitors you have, and more.

Allows you to advertise to the most-relevant audience: By understanding your customer base, you can leverage Facebook Wi-Fi's custom audience feature to target ads to your most pertinent audience, such as people who have visited your business.

Makes your business more discoverable: Millions of people are searching for free Wi-Fi hot spots using Facebook at any given time. Facebook Wi-Fi helps connect you with such users, bringing more exposure for your ads and products.


Kanika Sinha
Kanika Sinha

Kanika is an enthusiastic content writer who craves to push the boundaries and explore uncharted territories. With her exceptional writing skills and in-depth knowledge of business-to-business dynamics, she creates compelling narratives that help businesses achieve tangible ROI. When not hunched over the keyboard, you can find her sweating it out in the gym, or indulging in a marathon of adorable movies with her young son.

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