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Dropbox launches AI-focused VC fund

Posted by Tasnim Ahmed

August 18, 2023

With every developer, tech business and startup getting their feet wet with generative AI, it becomes kind of imperative for already existing tech businesses to put their weight behind it to bolster capabilities.

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Dropbox as a company has ventured into the AI race via their VC arm known as Dropbox Ventures which will provide mentorship and financial aid to support and build AI-enabled products that will be game changers and ‘shape the future of work’ as Dropbox VP and GM Sateesh Srinivasan mentions in an email interview with popular tech magazine TechCrunch.

It started with a seed of $50 million to find out, recognize and nurture good AI startups. The aim of Dropbox is to further the AI ecosystem and in turn, pave the way for the new generation of AI startups who are in turn paving the world for a better work environment via AI.

Dropbox was an early-stage idea that became a service that went on to affect millions who use it. Srinivasan stated that the company had humble beginnings with a simple idea and the service it provided. Their journey gives them a unique insight to get companies from one stage of their growth to the next while making an impact.

In the meantime, VCs have steadily and positively grown their position vis-a-vis AI spurred and seen growth in generative AI. In the recent past, AI startups have received in excess of $52 billion in funding across 3300 deals alone in 2022, according to GlobalData.

Funds from corporates are a major source of the funding coming into AI. For instance, OpenAI raised $175 million and Workday added an additional $250 million to its existing VC fund to back AI startups. Additionally, Salesforce Ventures plans to invest $500 million in startups developing ‘responsible generative AI’.

According to Dropbox, they had started investing in both ML and AI by 2016 to streamline their customers’ work and help them become more efficient. On seeing how the past few months have been, they have realized the vast possibilities and acceleration it will give to their work and method of doing it.

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Some of the AI-powered additions that Dropbox has utilized to its cloud storage products are:

Dropbox Dash

It is a “universal” search engine that works across tools, content and apps from any third-party platform which includes Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce and Notion. It helps users find and organize various types of content.

According to Dropbox, the more people use it, the more it will learn adapt and evolve. It will soon access all the information from anywhere without you having to sift through multiple documents to get answers or even relevant information. Just ask Dash and you will have your answer.

In addition, Dash can create collections of links Stacks enabling you to quickly sift, analyze, organize and retrieve URLs.

Dropbox AI

Dropbox AI summarizes and extracts information from a Dropbox account. It generates summaries from documents and video previews while also answering questions like a chatbot by using information from research papers, contracts, meeting records and other sources.

Dropbox AI works for file previews as of now and is available to all Dropbox Pro customers in the U.S. But, the firm plans to eventually expand its capabilities to include folders and entire Dropbox accounts.


Dash and Dropbox AI are just examples of what AI can reach up to and where it has its eyes set on. Besides, customers want a more personalized AI experience, and Dash and Dropbox AI will certainly fill in that role.

It will in fact create a new world of organizational capabilities in cloud computing. Dropbox also admitted that AI does sometimes go overboard and for this, it is even more important for them to protect their customers’ privacy, act transparently, and limit human bias in AI. Their focus is to make it as fair and reliable as possible.

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Tasnim Ahmed
Tasnim Ahmed

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