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Deals Digest: Top 5 Mergers & Acquisitions, and Fundings of the Fortnight

Posted by Devayani Bapat

April 25, 2024

We’ve handpicked the most promising funding rounds and M&As for you.

From retail to hospitality and finance, the trends in 2024 are set to be revolutionized by the digital excitement we are experiencing as a global community. This is a thrilling time for mergers, acquisitions, and funding activities that are pivotal indicators of industry shifts. These strategic moves not only reshape businesses but also wield significant influence over global market dynamics. In our fortnightly deals digest for this week, we take a deep dive into the current trends in the finance industry, highlighting the most recent strategic investments, funding rounds, and significant deals. Whether you’re a seasoned investor, small business owner, or simply intrigued by business maneuvering, read on to gain valuable insights into the recent happenings of the business world.

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Data security startup Cyera raises $300 million in Series C funding

Cyera’s recent $300 million Series C funding, led by Coatue Management, marks a significant milestone in cybersecurity investment strategies. This financing catapults Cyera’s valuation to $1.4 billion, nearly tripling its value since its last funding round. Founded in 2021, Cyera leverages AI in its platform to assist companies in understanding and securing their data, which is critical in an era where data drives AI initiatives. The platform also assesses data-related risks, enhancing security, privacy, and regulatory compliance efforts. This substantial investment underscores the growing importance of AI in finance, highlighting investor confidence in an innovative approach to data security and risk management.

Prysmian acquires Encore Wire Corporation

Italian cable manufacturer giant Prysmian will acquire Encore Wire Corporation, valued at approximately €3.9 billion, with the deal expected to close in the 2nd half of 2024. They have sealed the deal for $290 per share in cash, a 20% premium over the average share price for the last 30 days, and a 29% premium over the average share price for the previous 90 days, as of Friday, April 12, 2024. Prysmian’s recent move, their second major acquisition in the United States, the first being their 2018 acquisition of General Cable, exemplifies its proactive investment strategies and growth approach amidst shifting market dynamics. This strategic thinking not only demonstrates Prysmian’s understanding of the market but also provides valuable insights for those interested in business maneuvering. Furthermore, this move highlights the global economic trends that capitalize on emerging opportunities in the energy and technology sectors. As the world’s largest cable maker, Prysmian leverages financial technology trends, including the drive towards cleaner energy and digitalization, to expand its presence in critical areas such as data centers, grid management, and electric vehicle infrastructure.

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Guesty raises $130 million in Series F funding

Guesty secured $130 million in Series F funding to propel the strategic expansion of its property management software platform within the short-term rental and hospitality sector. This significant investment underscores Guesty’s commitment to strategic financial planning amid the growing demand for slow-travel and short-term rental accommodation demand. CEO Amiad Soto emphasized Guesty’s position as an industry leader, aiming to pioneer the first intelligent property management platform. The funding, led by KKR India Asset Finance, with involvement from Inovia Capital, will empower Guesty to enhance its capabilities and expand its horizons further.

Broadstone acquires Vestigo Partners Limited

Broadstone, an independent insurance, investments, and pensions consultancy, has acquired Vestigo Partners Limited, a renowned analytics and credit risk firm. This strategic merger is aimed to broaden Broadstone’s suite of credit risk and analytics services, enhancing its offerings to lenders and investors. Adding Vestigo’s experienced team strengthens Broadstone’s insurance, regulatory, and risk advisory division, aligning with its strategic goals for intended growth. Not just that, the move is said to enhance the firm’s ability to make data-driven decisions that will benefit key stakeholders.

APi Group announces acquisition of Elevated Facilities Services group for approximately $570 million

In a significant move for April 2024, APi Group announced its definitive agreement to acquire Elevated Facility Services Group for approximately $570 million in cash. This strategic acquisition expands APi’s market presence in safety services, particularly elevator and escalator maintenance. This acquisition brings a vast new market for APi, further enhancing its capabilities in non-discretionary, regulatory-driven services, unlocking a potential cross-selling opportunity, and expanding its total addressable market by $10 billion. Elevated’s strong EBITDA profile of roughly 70% of revenue from miscellaneous activities such as inspections, services, and repairs is the driving factor. This will contribute approximately $220 million to APi’s annual income. It is this business model that allows free cash flow conversion.

From exciting funding rounds to transformative mergers and acquisitions, these strategic moves not only highlight recent trends in financial markets but also shape the global business landscape. By staying updated on these developments, you are not just informed but also connected to the larger business community. Watch this space for more, and stay tuned for more insights into the latest finance industry dynamics and trends shaping the global landscape for business.

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