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Master Your Monthly Budgeting: The 5 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Tune Into

Posted by Bhavya Agarwal

February 15, 2024

Dive into the world of budgeting with these top-notch podcasts featuring expert recommendations and actionable tips to boost your financial game.

As an entrepreneur, you have to be constantly on the move to embrace new changes and set your business up for success. At the same time, your business must be economically stable to ensure your firm has a solid financial footing. However, that’s easier said than done. With the proper guidance, you can overcome any obstacle, scale your business, and secure your spot on the prestigious Forbes Global 2000 list of thriving businesses.

Suppose you want to begin business budget management but don’t have an in-depth financial education. In that case, a seemingly endless supply of free and low-cost financial budgeting podcasts is available online. From simple tips to advanced small business budgeting strategies, they will help you quickly navigate the twists and turns of personal finance.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your headphones and get ready to tune into these budget-planning podcasts that will kickstart your monthly money-allocation journey and set you up for a stable financial future.

The top 5 budget planning podcasts for starting monthly budgeting


1. You Need A Budget podcast: To learn quick financial budgeting how-to’s

Host: Jesse Mecham
Average episode duration: 4-15 minutes
You Need A Budget (YNAB) is a famous weekly podcast hosted by Jesse Mecham. From covering the basics of personal and business budgeting to hearing listeners’ experiences, his podcast is a great listen to learn about overcoming financial strains.

His YNAB podcast delves deep into topics like:

  • How to save money
  • Eliminating debt
  • Breaking out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle
  • Annual budgeting tips

Each episode serves as either motivational inspiration or a mini-training session. It leaves you with actionable budgeting tips to protect your financial tomorrow.

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2. Listen Money Matters podcast: To understand advanced budget allocation strategies

Host: Andrew Fiebert
Average episode duration: 45 minutes-1 hour
Created by the host Andrew Fiebert, this informative podcast covers pivotal aspects of personal finance, like budgeting strategies, budget tracking, financial planning, and investing.

According to Fiebert, this podcast describes itself as “honest and uncensored,” offering a wealth of knowledge about cash flow budgeting and overall financial management. It also discusses timely topics like using IRA strategies to cut taxable income or how to refinance your debt. The level of detail is beneficial for entrepreneurs and business owners.

3. Smart Passive Income podcast: To learn how to navigate business budgeting

Host: Pat Flynn
Average episode duration: 10-45 minutes
Want to unlock the secrets to creating multiple passive income streams that work for you? Don’t look anywhere and listen to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast. It is the self-proclaimed “crash test dummy of online business.” It helps you learn how to create multiple income streams without stretching yourself thin.
This podcast also provides tips on:

  • Cost-effective business marketing strategies
  • Budget allocation best practices
  • Cash flow financial budgeting
  • ROI-optimizing business strategies

Besides covering business topics, the host also brings in a variety of business-savvy guests who offer additional insights into generating passive income and achieving sustainable profitability.

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4. So Money podcast: To learn budgeting strategies from top industry leaders

Host: Farnoosh Torabi
Average episode duration: 25- 40 minutes
The acclaimed financial correspondent, author, and TV personality Farnoosh Torabi engages business owners globally to share their financial wisdom. From Tony Robbins to Arianna Huffington, her podcast helps listeners understand advanced business budgeting expertise. This is something you can’t find anywhere else on the internet!

Her insightful podcast So Money is considered one of the top 10 personal finance podcasts for individuals and businesses. It covers many topics, such as monthly or annual budgeting, investing tips, company strategies, etc.

5. How I Built This Podcast: To understand money tips from corporate budgeting leaders

Host: Guy Raz
Average episode duration: 40 minutes-1 hour
Hosted by NPR’s Guy Raz, this podcast explores the entrepreneurial journeys and success stories of innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists.

By inviting renowned guests like David Neeleman (founder of JetBlue Airways) and Melanie Perkins (founder of Canva), Raz engages in candid conversations about their professional journeys, including their failures. This podcast is truly a masterclass on innovation and leadership, which helps navigate challenges of all kinds.

This podcast also covers significant topics like corporate or non-profit budgeting, emerging as a ‘must-listen’ for entrepreneurs eager to glean insights from notable leadership figures across various industries.


Knowledge is your ultimate competitive advantage in business, helping your company’s long-term stability and growth.

Listening to these podcasts lets you learn insightful, motivational content, practical financial budgeting techniques, and more to manage your finances like the experts. This can help you make informed decisions and drive triumph in your business endeavors.

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Note: Originally published on June 1, 2020, this article has been updated for accuracy and relevance to reflect current perspectives and developments.


Bhavya Agarwal
Bhavya Agarwal

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