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A Lesson in Finance: 5 Things We Could All Learn From Kris Jenner

Posted by Devayani Bapat

April 1, 2024

From momager to mastermind, let’s take a look at Kris Jenner’s roadmap to success

Get ready to keep up with the ultimate mastermind extraordinaire, Kris Jenner! Picture this: she’s strutting in her iconic black power suit, rocking that signature nude makeup and sun-kissed contour like nobody’s business. And, of course, her phone? It’s practically a Kardashian-Jenner family reunion on speed dial. Okurrr!

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You either love or hate her, but you can’t deny that Kris is the boss lady behind the Kardashian-Jenner empire. With her kids redefining fame left, right, and center, she’s the powerhouse making it all happen.

Remember when Kris dropped that gem of wisdom? “Believe in miracles, but don’t rely on them. Work hard and make things happen.” That’s the mantra fueling her fame and fortune. There’s much to learn from her journey, so buckle up! Kris Jenner’s story is the ultimate masterclass in the hustle, glam, and making dreams a reality. Let’s dive right in.

Early Life

Before becoming the formidable matriarch of one of the world’s most renowned families, Kris Jenner’s journey was shaped by humble origins and a tireless work ethic. Born as Kristen Mary Houghton, she spent her formative years in San Diego, California, where her leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit began to emerge. Jenner’s early professional endeavors varied greatly, from serving as a flight attendant to venturing into entrepreneurship with a children’s boutique. These diverse experiences instilled in her the values of hard work, resilience, and the ability to spot and capitalize on opportunities.

As she transitioned into the entertainment realm, Kris Jenner utilized her natural charm and media savvy to carve a path for her family. Initially managing her then-husband Bruce Jenner’s motivational speaking engagements, she laid the groundwork for her subsequent role as the architect of her children’s skyrocketing careers. And from thereon, there was no looking back.

Take calculated risks

Jenner is the ultimate example of a visionary entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to take calculated risks. Throughout her career, she’s demonstrated a keen ability to spot opportunities and diversify the family’s ventures, ensuring they remain at the forefront of pop culture and business success.

From the inception of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ Kris understood the power of reality television and celebrity branding. However, she didn’t stop there. Instead, she continuously sought new avenues for expansion. Whether it was launching her children’s careers, negotiating lucrative endorsement deals, or venturing into diverse industries, Kris has always been one step ahead.

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One notable example of her calculated risk-taking is the creation of the Kardashian brand empire. Kris strategically leveraged social media, endorsements, and product launches to propel her family to global fame and keep them relevant no matter what. She understood that staying relevant in an ever-changing landscape is of utmost importance. She’s done that by constantly adapting to new trends and technologies. Not just that, Kris’s knack for turning controversies into opportunities has been instrumental in the family’s success, too, a PR risk most wouldn’t be willing to take. Instead of shying away from challenges, she has boldly capitalized on them, transforming setbacks into triumphs.

Taking inspiration from small businesses and taking calculated risks could involve expanding into new markets, investing in research and development for innovative products, or exploring strategic partnerships. Similarly, diversifying investment portfolios, exploring new income streams, or investing in education and skill development can enhance financial stability and growth in personal finance. While calculated risks involve careful analysis and planning, they can lead to significant dividends in the long run. Just as Kris Jenner’s diversified ventures have contributed to her success, embracing calculated risks in business and personal finance can pave the way for growth, prosperity, and financial security.

Leverage technology

Picture this: In a hilarious Kardashian moment, Khloe is ranting to Kris about never seeing her. Kris pulls a tech wizard move and installs a hologram of herself in Khloe’s house! Talk about being everywhere at once! But beyond the hologram, Kris Jenner’s tech game is on point.

She’s not just snapping selfies; she’s cashing in on significant brand endorsements and launches through social media. Kris knows that to stay on top, you must ride the digital wave. And let’s face it, she’s riding it like a pro.

Now, for all you small business owners out there, listen up: tech isn’t just for the big leagues. Whether virtual chatbots, AI tools, or cloud computing, harness all the tech resources you can use to boost efficiency and stay ahead of the curve. And hey, remember your finances! Get those savvy apps to guide you with your investments and keep you in the know. Ultimately, in this tech-first era, knowledge is the ultimate power move.

Diversify, diversify, diversify

You know those Kardashian spin-offs? Kourtney and Kim take Miami, Khloe and Lamar, and even Rob and Chyna’s rollercoaster romance? They’re not just TV gold; they’re a lesson in diversification. Just like you shouldn’t stick all your hopes on one lip kit shade, you must spread your investments around, too!

Take a page from Kris’s playbook. She’s not just lounging on Keeping Up With the Kardashians reruns; oh no, she’s out there launching Kourtney’s Poosh, Kylie’s Kylie Cosmetics, Khloe’s Good American, Kendall’s modeling career, Rob’s Arthur George Socks, and, believe it or not, even Grandeza Hot Sauce! Kris Jenner has her fingers in more pies than Scott Disick has slick comebacks!

So, remember: diversification is essential—it’s vital to catapult your business, professional and personal, to new heights! Kris Jenner didn’t build her empire by putting all her eggs in one Kardashian-branded basket. Follow suit and watch those dividends roll in.

Define your brand

When we say mompreneur, the first person that comes to mind is Kris Jenner, the powerhouse behind the Kardashian family’s reigning empire. Her knack for articulating each child’s brand identity sets her apart—spotlighting their common and unique traits. Now, why was this important? This skill is vital when launching your venture. Like Kris, you must define your purpose clearly, understand your values, and distinguish yourself from the crowd. Crafting a set of brand guidelines is essential for any business or persona. It’s your roadmap to success. How can you expect others to understand and support your endeavors without a clear vision?

For small businesses, creating and maintaining a solid brand identity is paramount. Think of it as the cornerstone of your company’s reputation and value proposition. Like Kris Jenner meticulously crafts the image and messaging for each of her children’s brands, businesses need to articulate their identity clearly and consistently. Why is this so crucial? A strong brand identity can drive financial success by enhancing customer recognition and loyalty and increasing sales and profitability. It also attracts investors and partners who align with your values and vision, opening doors to growth opportunities and financial backing. Building a robust brand identity in business finance isn’t just about aesthetics or marketing—it’s about shaping how your company is perceived, establishing trust, and ultimately driving financial success.

Building a brand identity is crucial in business and personal finance. Like businesses, individuals must establish a clear sense of purpose, values, and differentiation to achieve financial success. In personal finance, your brand identity encompasses your financial goals, values, and priorities. Defining these aspects helps you make informed decisions about budgeting, saving, investing, and spending. It guides you in aligning your financial choices with your long-term objectives and desired lifestyle.

Network anywhere and everywhere

Kris Jenner’s astute networking skills have been instrumental in building the Kardashian empire. From forging alliances with influential figures in the entertainment industry to leveraging social connections for lucrative brand endorsements, Jenner’s ability to network effectively has propelled the family’s prominence. Her strategic partnerships and collaborations have opened doors to new opportunities, expanded their reach, and solidified their status as cultural icons.

In business and personal finance, networking plays a pivotal role in success. Forming and further nurturing relationships with industry peers, potential clients, mentors, and investors can lead to valuable opportunities, insights, and partnerships. Networking facilitates access to resources, knowledge sharing, and mentorship, helping individuals navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve financial goals. Whether attending industry events, joining professional associations, or leveraging online platforms, effective networking is essential for growth, advancement, and success in business and personal finance.

The Final World

In conclusion, Kris Jenner stands as a beacon of inspiration for those navigating the intricacies of finance and entrepreneurship. Her transformative leadership style, marked by foresight, calculated risk-taking, and adept management of personal and professional realms, offers invaluable lessons for individuals seeking success in the financial landscape. Jenner’s ability to weather criticism and thrive amidst it highlights the importance of resilience and adaptability in the wake of challenges. As her family’s legacy continues to resonate globally, Jenner’s impact is a testament to the power of strategic thinking and brand management in shaping personal and business endeavors. Her journey exemplifies the potential for financial success when guided by a visionary mindset and unwavering determination. Read more from our series on celebrity entrepreneurs.

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