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6 Ways HR and Leadership Can Build Employee Satisfaction

Posted by Ramsha Tausalkar

February 29, 2024

You can enforce some measures in your company to gain employee satisfaction.

One of the most significant issues the HR department faces today is a high attrition rate. According to a poll by ResumeLab, 83% of GenZ employees consider themselves job hoppers, which means they are open to changing jobs frequently. In such a scenario, building employee satisfaction to retain employees for longer is more important than ever.

But in the popular imagination, HR ensures a company-wide Secret Santa is planned, right?

As stereotypical as this is, it’s not true. The job of an HR also involves building employee satisfaction. When done correctly, the HR department can transform the office environment. With guidance from corporate leadership, initiative, and empathy, they bring life to an office and ensure community-building, team interactions, and more.

So, how exactly can HR and leadership make this happen?

1. Offer Opportunities

The leadership of an organization is often concerned that employees will look elsewhere for better opportunities. Combat this by offering career advancement and growth opportunities within the company. Be it organizing skill-based workshops to help employees upskill or challenge them with more advanced projects with which they can prove their mettle, the result is that every employee feels seen and knows that their career prospects are being considered when they are offered such chances.

2. Recognition and Rewards

Recognition is the easiest way to make an employee feel special. As a result, the organization should have a company-wide recognition and rewards program. What matters to employees is hearing words of affirmation or receiving financial or other incentives to boost morale. For example, a quarterly peer-to-peer appreciation program where employees can reward each other for their contribution to the workplace.

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3. Encouraging Team Bonding

Studies show that over 50% of employees have stayed at an organization because they felt part of a team. HR and leadership should encourage healthy workplace friendships and foster employee relationships. They can organize team bonding sessions, retreats, informal outings, to encourage face time between peers and bosses.

4. Ensure welfare

It is essential that employees feel they are well taken care of. Leadership must remember that people who think replaceable are often people who leave. As a result, management should ensure the employees feel professionally challenged and meet their needs. Some measures you can take are:

  • A relaxation zone with games, couches, and a cafe where they can unwind,
  • A sick bay where they can lie down in case of unexpected illness
  • Anonymous feedback mechanism where they can put in their grievance

5. Clear Communication

Often, employees sense the tension between the seniors and management, especially when something goes wrong. Such an environment hampers employee productivity. Leadership should maintain transparency and be transparent in their communication — whether through regular newsletters, memos, or weekly meetings where they discuss work openly. Such information will make employees feel like they belong and are essential to the organization.

6. Flexibility

HR must be flexible in their approach towards employees. Empathy from management goes a long way in building employee satisfaction. Leadership must be mindful of their demands, have realistic expectations, and be accommodating when required. While rigidity and strictness may allow one to impose their rules on the employee, eventually, they may lose the individual in the long run, so it’s necessary to strike a balance.

With the correct intent and measures, management can combat high attrition rates. A critical step can be outsourcing HR to firms specializing in employee satisfaction by streamlining processes. All in all, it comes down to appreciation and being heard. You build employee satisfaction by listening to your employees and proactively working towards their well-being. As per statistics, 49% of employees globally are happy with their jobs. Hopefully, this number will increase with time and an increased focus on employee satisfaction.

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Ramsha Tausalkar
Ramsha Tausalkar

Ramsha Tausalkar is a freelance journalist and media aspirant. She has also been a food content creator since 2016. Mainly, she is a writer; from technical content to poetry. She best describes herself as a creative aspirant, with her hands on everything: from video to audio and from technical content to poetry. When she is not pursuing one of her many interests, you can find her petting a cat or reading up on random articles on the internet.

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