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6 Ways Companies Can Boost Employee Awareness of Benefits

Posted by Kanika Sinha

November 20, 2023

Learn to develop a benefits awareness plan that positions both employees and employers for success.

Many businesses rely on employee benefits to stand out and retain talent in a high-demand marketplace. According to The Conference Board, more than 85% of employers now have formal policies around benefits like paid leave, parental leave, and flexible working hours in the workplace. 

Yet, benefits participation could be better. 

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Why? In most cases, employees need to be made aware of the benefits their company offers. Research from LIMRA reveals that even for the most widely used benefits, such as medical and dental insurance, at least 30% of employees are unsure what is covered. 

So, how can an organization ensure employees know and utilize all the benefits available to them? Employers and HR need to work towards educating employees about company benefits and engaging with them to gain deeper insights.

Here are six ways to boost awareness and encourage employees to use employer-offered benefits.

1. Leverage multichannel communication

The workforce’s demographic has diversified, blending Millennials, Gen X-ers, Baby Boomers, and Gen Z. Consider utilizing a mix of verbal, written, and digital communication channels for benefits communication. Try using instant messaging for Gen Z, face-to-face interactions for Baby Boomers, and email or chat while communicating with Gen Xers and Millennials.

2. Provide decision guidance

Besides communicating clearly, guiding employees through the decision-making process is essential. Hold interactive Q&A sessions to help the teams select the benefits that suit them the most. Also, ensure you share clear definitions of the terms and conditions of various employer-offered benefits options. In addition, consider utilizing bots and platforms to inform and educate employees about benefits selection.

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3. Communicate regularly

Employees often think about their benefits during open enrollment or significant life events. Regular communication enhances understanding and utilization. Consider developing a strategy encompassing different channels and a calendar to keep employees engaged and informed. Use critical months to promote specific programs and invite your Employee Assistance Program vendor for presentations.

4. Simplify the signup process

Unless it’s essential, employees tend to avoid complex tasks. A complicated signup process or difficult access method can discourage adoption and use. Consider simplifying the existing procedures; the easier the process will be, the more likely employees will utilize it.

5. Conduct employee surveys

Employee surveys provide honest feedback on benefits. These surveys also help understand future needs, enabling employers to customize, adapt, and build suitable plans. Ensure that surveys are conducted regularly to gain insights into employees’ opinions about benefits offered and to manage more effectively.

6. Empower employees to customize benefits

Remember flexibility and personalization are vital in designing employee benefit offerings. Enable employees to choose from a benefits basket having core and optional benefits. This approach enhances utilization and is likely cheaper than everyone having the same coverage.

The final word

To ensure employee awareness and, most importantly, utilization, more needs to be done regarding the benefits offered. Generating awareness requires significant effort, a step often overlooked by many companies. Bridge this gap by proactively engaging employees and providing effective communication and understanding of the offered benefits.

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Kanika Sinha
Kanika Sinha

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