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8 Tips for Creating a Great Startup Office

Posted by Neha De

March 4, 2019

Whether you are about to launch your startup, or you already have, you’ve probably had many ideas about what your office would look like and feel like.

After all, it’s quite common to think of the startup office as the cool place with the ultra-hip and chic vibe, and you might want that feel for your own space.

So, how do you create the perfect office where people have the freedom to move around, the flexibility to work where they are most productive, with design elements that are attractive to staff as well as potential customers.

Bottom line – how do you create a space that says you’re innovative, and you care about your team’s working conditions?

Let’s look at eight tips for creating a great startup office.

#1: Use Lighting as Décor

One pro tip is to choose ceiling lighting and lamps that are equal parts art and function.

Whether you need ambient or task lighting, choose a carefully coordinated look that is appealing and works well for the task.

#2: Leverage Natural Lighting

You and your team are most likely working long hours. So, you want to be sure you have ample windows to bring in the natural light.

If you can choose an office with great views, that’s even better.

With large windows, you can bring the outdoors in. This naturally makes your employees feel better and healthier with the extra sunlight.

#3: Utilize Wallpaper as Art

Wallpaper is no longer a thing of the past. It’s made a big comeback in the past few years, and it can be an inexpensive way to create a wall of art.

Wallpaper is a great alternative to expensive paintings, and it’s especially better than cheesy “office-style” paintings.

Choose a wall in your lobby or break room and wallpaper it. Pick your design carefully so it fits with the style of your startup.

#4: Reflect your Startup

As you design your space from the lobby, to the restrooms, common areas, and offices, you want your aesthetic to reflect the mission and vision of your startup.

Make sure your design reflects the brand voice of your startup.

For example, if you sell children’s toys, your space could be colorful and fun. Conversely, if you are a tech startup, there are many ways you could go from technical to vintage to artsy.

Balance your theme and your style so your office space reflects it and meshes with your products and services.

#5: Use Color

No one ever said offices had to be beige and gray and boring.

They can certainly be filled with color. What that palette looks like is up to you. Perhaps it’s bold and colorful, or it could be vintage with chrome, leather and warm colors. You might take it retro, or it could be 40’s classy. It’s really up to you.

Get creative and ensure your wall colors work with your flooring, furniture and accessories.

#6: Add Greenery

One of the easiest ways to accessorize your office is with plants, and this means the real kind.

Not only do plants add natural color, but they help with air quality, and they add a natural ambiance to your space.

You’ll feel better with plants around and so will your team.

#7: Bring in Comfy Furniture

Ergonomics are important in the workspace as your staff likely spends a great deal of their day sitting at a desk.

Chairs and desks aren’t the place to scrimp unless you want employees out with back and neck pain.  You can always rent furniture if the cost to purchase is prohibitive.

Also, consider the furniture in your lobby and break room areas. These spaces are best when they’re more like a living room than filled with the leftover folding chairs.

Employees are happier when they have a comfortable place to go to decompress before heading back to work.

#8: Get Creative

Some other ideas for the best workspace include:

  • Pet-friendly offices are often more friendly, productive, and stress-free.
  • Add a coffee bar because your employees will all love it.
  • Think about themed rooms to enhance creativity.
  • Choose a wall or two to use for collaboration. Let employees doodle and brainstorm on them.
  • Throw in a few quirky accents for fun.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately you want your great startup office to be a place of teamwork and a high level of productivity.

Your work space can either help or hinder your team.

So, create creative spaces for your team to recharge, fill their offices with ergonomic furniture, keep to a design style, stock your kitchen, and play some music.

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Neha De
Neha De

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