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4 Key Steps to Setting up the HR for Your Media & Entertainment Company

Posted by Devayani Bapat

February 25, 2024

Our go-to guide to help you lay the building blocks for all things HR.

Lights, camera, action! Picture this: you’ve recently launched your own media and entertainment company and hired many people to work with and for you. Employees bring all the politics, spice, and grievances that are a part of human nature. It’s what propels good TV, but that’s not what you want in the workplace. That’s where one crucial backstage character comes into play — Human Resources, the department you can’t afford to overlook. While the glitz and glamor of the entertainment industry may steal the spotlight, it is the foundation of a strong HR department that will ensure a thriving workforce and a smoothly operating company.

The dynamic nature of media and entertainment calls for the casting of the right talent to direct your HR strategy. Here are four critical steps to setting up a blockbuster HR experience that will keep your team motivated and engaged. So grab your popcorn, roll out the red carpet,  and read on.

It’s all about finding your purpose

The first step to setting up a successful HR department for your company, you’ve got a big decision to make: what type of HR department does your organization need? It is this choice that will help shape the future, nature, and culture of your company.

Make sure you talk to the bigwigs and understand their needs from the business, both long-term as well as short-term. That will help you determine what policies the company needs to have in place. Talk to your fellow employees and company managers to get acquainted with their pain points, assess the current situation, and address any immediate concerns on priority.

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A great example of how one can take inspiration from local and global news to shape HR is the #MeToo movement that caused a massive stir, especially in the media and entertainment industry. The Harvey Weinstein case shed light on the malpractices behind the industry’s creative acts. It is important to consider current issues within your company and the industry to protect artists and any fraternity members. This will help shape protective policies that safeguard the interest of the workers against predatory sharks.

Make sure you find what direction you’re looking to steer your company in, find your purpose, and lay the bricks for your HR department accordingly.

Culture is key

‘Do not be fooled by commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what is outside but what is inside that counts.’ – Aladdin.

You might have an expensive office with state-of-the-art facilities for your employees; however, if your company culture is toxic, none of it matters. When setting up the HR department in your company, make sure you’re clear about your take on the tone it should have.

Employee concerns around culture and community have surged, especially in the dynamic media and entertainment world. Today’s workforce wants more than just cultural representation in an office; they want an equitable sense of belonging. While setting up the HR strategy and the department for your company, you must orchestrate the pivotal marriage of culture and community, stressing the need for members of your organization to embrace both. Moreover, it is of utmost responsibility to consider CSR and its attendant policies. They should be woven into the skin of your company right from the start.

Outsourcing, cos why shouldn’t you have all the fun?

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Once upon a time, this was true for company owners and CEOs who weren’t okay with outsourcing departmental tasks to third-party agencies, especially when they involved sensitive data like payroll. However, outsourcing is now a widely embraced strategy, especially among companies that don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. They’ve recognized that outsourcing offers numerous advantages, including backup services and freeing up HR professionals, allowing them to tackle strategic issues. All you need is the right outsourcing plan for increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Commonly outsourced tasks include payroll, recruiting, affirmative action compliance, background checks, benefits management, and technology solutions. From handling routine administrative tasks to navigating complex legal requirements, outsourcing helps provide specialized expertise and a breather from dull admin headaches for you, allowing businesses to focus on strategic growth.

Stay SMART – Build, Communicate, Execute

One of the best rules in internal communications is to set SMART goals that help you BUILD an effective HR strategy that you can efficiently COMMUNICATE to your colleagues and EXECUTE with utmost ease.

Did you ask what SMART goals are? They’re goals you must set that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Once you’ve set those goals, make sure you conduct a thorough analysis of all those internal and external factors that may influence your strategy. From industry trends to rules and regulations, knowing the symbolic landscape is paramount to devising a foolproof plan.

Communicate your HR strategy accurately and clearly to all stakeholders and business partners. Ensure everyone understands the strategy’s objectives, action plans, and expected outcomes. Use a variety of communication channels, such as creative employee handbooks, regular emailers, and interactive presentations, to reach different audiences and encourage feedback and input. Clearly articulate the benefits of the strategy and address any concerns or objections that stakeholders might raise. Engage in open dialogue and be prepared to make adjustments based on the feedback you receive, quite like you would after your first edit screening for any creative project. Once you’ve made the changes, execute your strategic HR objectives promptly and financially soundly. Monitor progress regularly, track KPIs, and adjust as needed to ensure the strategy stays on track.

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Devayani Bapat
Devayani Bapat

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