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10 New Kickstarter Projects that Beat Their Funding Goals

Posted by sayam

March 15, 2021

Global entrepreneurs turn to the Kickstarter platform to crowdfund their projects. Creators decide on a funding goal and deadline, and if people like their projects, they can pledge a donation. If a project falls short of raising its goal, no one gets charged.

Here are 10 recent Kickstarter projects that have surpassed 100 percent of the fundraising goal before their deadline.

1. Plybot: A silent 3D printer with arms

Irvine, Calif.-based Plybot combines sophisticated hardware with intelligent software to deliver what co-creator Ian Wilding describes as the “ultimate 3D printing experience.” The device’s simplified arm design allows it to print bigger, faster and more reliably than similar products. The 3D printer can handle a range of filament types and is compatible with any browser.

$167,000 raised on Kickstarter vs $50,000 goal.

2. Seedtime: An app for gardeners

Williamsport, Tenn.-based Seedtime is a gardening app that lets users visualize and plan when to seed, transplant or harvest based on their location. Each time a gardener inputs a specific crop into their personal app calendar, Seedtime retrieves the corresponding area’s average frost dates, latitude and growing zone to create a garden plan. Users receive a customized weekly checklist including tasks that must be done right away.

$172,378 raised on Kickstarter versus $30,000 goal.

3. Big Bang Lab: An app helping kids learn STEAM

Big Bang Lab, a project in Hong Kong, is an online edutainment platform designed for kids ages 4 and up to learn STEAM topics. The lab offers interactive content that aligns with accredited national curricula from the US, UK and Singapore. Every account can host up to three kids' profiles.

$28,045 raised on Kickstarter versus $15,461 goal.

4. Marsback: A customizable RGB keyboard

New Los Angeles-based gaming brand Marsback has developed an 84-key full-sized mechanical keyboard called Marsback M1 that connects to up to three devices at a time via 5.1 Bluetooth or a type-C cable and is compatible with Mac/iOS, Android and Windows. Designed for gamers and people who do a lot of typing, the keyboard provides precision and an audible confirmation for every tap.

$94,718 raised on Kickstarter versus $10,000 goal.

5. Miles: A GPS bike computer

Produced in Hong Kong, Miles is a computer for bikes with a high-precision GPS chip that delivers valuable insights into users’ cycling sessions. Miles can control Raz Pro, a popular smart taillight, from its position on the handlebar. Data tracked by Miles includes speed, distance, time elapsed during a ride, elevation, calories burned, temperature, heart rate and cycling power.

$25,792 raised on Kickstarter versus $5,025 goal.

6. Baseline Midlayer: Eco-friendly outdoor wear

Spent coffee grounds are melted down with recycled plastic bottles to create the fibers used in the lightweight Baseline Midlayer, made by Salt Lake City’s Coalatree. Production employs sustainable technologies such as solar power and gray water recycling. The stain-resistant Midlayer does not shed micro plastics when washed, the fabric’s tiny pores block UV rays and the coffee grounds confer odor protection.

$208,819 raised on Kickstarter versus $25,000 goal.

7. Hann Shoes: Athletic footwear built to last

Valparaiso, Ind.-based Hann Shoes uses carbon composite suspensions that are meant to help shoes last longer than traditional athletic footwear. In addition to longevity, the suspension aims relieve fatigue for people who stand all day, reduce pain when walking and boost running performance. Hann’s footwear design makes it shoes adaptive to each individual, according to the company.

$60,658 raised on Kickstarter versus $25,000 goal.

8. Tastelli: A healthful jelly snack based on konjac

Tastelli is a sugar-free, low-calorie jelly snack made from konjac, an ancient root plant believed to offer healing properties such as lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar and improving digestion. Produced in South Korea, Tastelli’s added nutrients include collagen and vitamins A, C and E, which aim to boost immunity, improve bone health and reduce joint pain.

$5,283 raised on Kickstarter versus $3,000 goal.

9. Kawah Villas: A subscription travel app

Quebec-based Kawah Villas endeavors to provide hassle-free vacations with its subscription-based model, that provides access to various luxury villas around the globe. The app also offers yoga sessions, spa, personal trainer, pool, flight bookings and healthcare attention that can be booked in conjunction with the stay.

$657 raised on Kickstarter versus $265 goal.

10. TickTalk 4: A smartwatch for kids

TickTalk 4 is a smartwatch designed just for kids, featuring drop and shockproof technology, along with IP67 water resistance for protection from splashes and spills. The smartwatch offers free music streaming of podcasts and stories powered by iHeartRadio Family, as well as step tracking, two-way voice, video and Wi-Fi calling. Several parental controls allow adults to keep control of how and when the device can be used.

$116,922 raised on Kickstarter versus $20,000 goal.



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