For International Companies

International companies doing business in the U.S. need to quickly navigate complex laws, access top talent and have an infrastructure that keeps everyone productive. Discover how a trusted resource can help you master the new market with:

Financial Analysis

Forecasting & Planning

Incorporation & Consolidation

Intercultural Business Operation

International Tax Compliance

Raising Equity

Audit Support

Employee Handbook

HRIS Set Up & Maintenance

New Hire On-boarding

Benefits Enrollment

Federal & State Tax R&D Tax Credits

International Contracts

Transfer Pricing

  • Payroll

    Unlike most European countries where there is a national single payer for medical care and uniform employment laws, doing business in the US means being familiar with a labor laws that differ across the 50 states─ and even among cities. Escalon has been guiding international companies through this ever-changing landscape for over 10 years. Our knowledge of how local and federal laws affect your payroll keeps you out of trouble.

  • Benefits

    We specialize in helping international companies create the conditions that inspire talent to stick around. We advise on benefits such as medical, dental, vision, disability, group life, commuter benefits and many more. Discover which benefits plans meet your companys needs and how to help your employees get the most out of them.

  • CFO

    Global companies doing business in the US need to master a new market, establish banking relationships and develop models that drive key business decisions. Acting as your Company Officer, Escalons CFOs can assist you on everything from incorporating the company, to setting up banking relationships and finding facilities. Get the strategic assistance of a CFO deeply familiar with raising equity as well as creating internationally air-tight contracts.

  • Taxes

    Foreign companies and/or subsidiaries have unique reporting and tax filings. Our knowledge of international tax laws helps you comply with both local, state and federal tax requirements. Minimize current and future tax liabilities, while staying in compliance. See how strategic advice coupled with comprehensive tax, HR, finance and accounting services can free up your time. Weve helped over 300 companies like these focus on growth. International businesses know that the U.S. is a land of great opportunity- and unexpected hazards. For over 10 years, Escalons team of professionals has provided strategic connections and specialized resources so global companies can succeed in their new business environment.

  • Finance

    When doing business in the U.S., international companies must address everything from transfer pricing, to parent-subsidiary consolidations and specific filings such as Form 5471s, etc. Escalons seasoned CFOs and Controllers can help you anticipate upcoming challenges and set up strategic relationships such as banking, credit, valuation, legal, etc.

  • Accounting

    Whether youre a subsidiary of companies overseas or have such subsidiaries, youll need a unique approach to accounting. Escalon brings an awareness of the specific challenges faced by international companies. We handle transfer pricing issues, consolidations, and other inter-company accounting issues. Youll also get the ease of use enjoyed by local companies: we invoice your clients, follow up, collect cash, pay bills and handle everything from bank reconciliation to month-end reporting.

  • HR

    Focus on hiring the right talent, we’ll handle everything else, from on-boarding new employees to providing an instant, consolidated overview of all their data (payroll, performance, training, etc). Access our online toolkits and seasoned experts to review HR policies, compliance check lists and your employee handbook. For help setting up or maintaining your HR needs, select from any of the following HR services.

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International businesses and/or subsidiaries doing business in the U.S face unique challenges.

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